LeTeam Enterprises Inc.


Thank you for visiting the webpage for LeTeam Enterprises, formerly known as Luxury Partners Ltd. and Tenjay Investments Ltd.

Over the years, we have evolved and diversified from one company into five. This continuous success has called for a rebranding of our products under one umbrella – thus, our new name, LeTeam. We are confident that this cross marketing will result in even broader horizons not only for our companies, but for our clients, tenants, and investors as well.

This new name is the result of much collaboration on the part of our staff and even our families and friends. We have cleverly integrated the three letters of the old company names - Luxury, Tenjay and Mayco - into one common name – LeTeam.

Our final choice in LeTeam affirms our long-lasting belief that strong team work, both within and between companies, creates a powerful recipe for lasting success.

As we work towards building our company’s new website, we encourage you to visit our current web pages for Luxury Partners and Tenjay Investments.

Sincere thanks for your patience and support during this exciting transition period.

We are eager for this transition to be complete so we can take the LeTeam name from a national level into international realms.




To contact us:



4620 Manilla Road SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 4B7

Phone: 403.243.6333
Fax: 403.287.0550
Website: www.LeTeam.ca